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"Please , do not ask him to be made the symbol of the Egyptian folk music, he is unlike those that sculpture the fashions."
Florence Carrique-Allaire, A Nous Paris ! (France) May 14 to 20, 2001

"Fathy Salama made the music and the arrangements for most of the current stars, among whom Amr Diab … In the secret of his studio, Fathy Salama works out technoïdes pearls."
Christophe Ayad, Libération (France) July 20, 1997

E-Zine KW MusiceEgyptian press

"Sharkiat is one of these world music groups who has achieved recognition in our Swiss and German neighbours."
Le Parisien (France) October 15, 1995

"The Egyptian group Sharkiat creates a deep and talented interbreeding the jazz and the pop, played mainly on traditional instruments enters the world music."
Billboard (United States) October 25, 1997

"Tracks evoke a whole spectre of different, brilliant and lyric atmospheres as much as dark and threatening, quite served by an impressive and net production. "
Andy Morgan Stern Stern ( Great Britain)

"Between voices and percussions, Gouzour develops a rich and original repertoire. It is a muscial fusion between Cairo and Nubia, where old and new times meet."
Festival " Châlon dans la rue" (France), July 11, 1997

"The garage rock of the Maniacs, a Swiss group, meets the captivating melodies of Sharkiat, a torrid egyptian folk group. The encounter gives birth to the most inventive Swiss record of the year. It is a must."
Fémina ( Switzerland), November 29, 1998

" Between jazz and tradition, Fathy Salama is one of the most talented ambassadors of the Egyptian music scene. "
Alain Croubalian, Journal de Genève and Gazette de Lausanne (Switzerland), October 19, 1995

"Sharkiat who revisits with originality the folklore of "Middle East" has already seduced a large audience."
La Terrasse (Switzerland), October 10, 1995

"When popular music, the oriental way, moves into funk and jazz territories, it ends up on a cheerful mix, rich in tonalities and exploding with sounds. The authors of this dance cocktail are called Sharkiat."
Le matin du Sahara et du Maghreb (Morocco), October 12, 1995

"Jazz harmonies and arab melodies, traditioal rythms and subtle improvisations, Sharkiat's music offers the most delicious and the most unexpected mix."
Véronique Danis, Al Ahram Hebdo (Egypt), April 17, 1996


Brazilian press