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"... The main part. A little of rebellion, a little of enjoyment, a little of confusion and the desire on a lot of rhythm. It is not impossible, but it is even simpler when it was not necessary to think of it. As when one spits... "

So is Maniacs, spontaneous and Rock and Roll. They consider that the first quality of the man is to have a soul and the means to express it in a the most urgent way which is. Musicians who execute their composition with ardour, "... As if it was the last time.. ". No artificial attitude, no praised chapel. Only roots and expression which, from Cochran to Husker Dü, did not change.
Musician bought their first discs in the punk storm. The time to understand that their place was on the scene and not front ; the time to assimilate thirty years of Negro and white music, the group formed in 1982, with Alain Croubalian, Thierry Sartoretti, Hafid Zerhouni and Alex Jaques. It is during hot one concert, that a faithful friend of the group suggested them the homonym, Maniacs, representative name of their wild music!

In 1986, Maniacs releases their first disc: the maxi 4 titles "Maniacs", produced by Robin Wills (Barracudas).

In 1987,  the second disc  "Bring Back The Night" is also produced by Robin Wills.

In 1988 the year is Swedish and European Maniacs : Four-Eyed Thomas (producer of the Nomads) takes Maniacs to record  "Can Also Use Fruit" in Stockholm. Stop It Baby (a division of Bondage Records) releases the disc. In Germany, it is the label "Vielklang" in Berlin that takes charge of everything.

In 1989, they record their first disc live : "Live at Budokan". Finally, all the truth on the magic of a concert of Maniacs is accessible to everybody.

In 1991, the album "69" is recorded in the afternoon and mixed by producers as different as prestigious (Robin Wills, Al Comet, Christophe Sourice, Dave-ID). After the release of this disc, that moves within the forming : two of the original members fly away towards new adventures leaving their still warm places to recruits full of fervour. Jili Morsia, Sardinian of Nice dragged his bass in four corners of France in short-lived punk groups. Jérôme Estèbe, freshly honed by Toulouse and deceaseds Schifters, is a guitarist of confession. Hafid Zerhouni, Moroccan stays, always  drummer and really maniac, and Alain Croubalian, Armenian born in Canada, which sings from now on all the fragments. A cosmopolitan and furious cake. That eats!

In 1993, Maniacs flies away for Memphis in the American state of Tennessee and locks itself thirteen days to the Sam Phillips Recording. James Luther Dickinson, the former pianist of the Stones, Ry Cooder and producer of Green On Red, Replacements, Toots, Albert King (among others) is the technician of the sound of the new album "Hog Wild". Of the punk in the blues and from the country to the garage, the heat, the humanity, the authenticity of the work of Dickinson are more than convincing. So is "Hog Wild", without make-up and without subtlety, loan of the know-how of the American and the passionate soul of the European.

In 1994, Maniacs laid "Choose", rock par excellence, without any reason, except that they like that. This disc self-proclaimed album rock of the year : innovatif, fat and sensitive at the same moment, dissonant agreements, primary bruitisme, electronic sound effects and air voices. It was recorded in the studio of the Driving Forces, in the Factory of Geneva, by David Weber.

In 1997, Maniacs passes two weeks in Cairo to record ten songs with an Egyptian group : Sharkiat. This meeting left Alain Croubalian's dream and Fathy Salama, leader of Sharkiat : mix an Egyptian traditional music with electric sounds rock. Having repeated and registered this disc in the Shobra studio , Maniacs and Sharkiat gave concerts to the Opera of Cairo and in different Swiss clubs.
The album is released in autumn, 1998 and Sharkiat joins Maniacs for a tour in Switzerland and in France, among which Transmusicales of Rennes.

Maniacs and Sharkiats